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We are a one-stop destination for of Shipchandeling 
General Ship Supply

 We offer a comprehensive range of fuels and lubricants for marine propulsion engines , ship chandellers and other applications. We company provides the full range of Ship Chandelling Services, and offer the complete range of items from the IMPA/ISSA catalogs and beyond, to all public ports, terminals and anchorages throughout the India. We maintain stocks of the most commonly supplied items in our spacious and advanced warehouses, along the Indian coast Line so that we can supply them on request,. We supply duty free and duty paid marine lubricants,arrange and manage Ship Chandelling Services  to the local and international vessels calling at various ports in India.


  • Provision & Bonded Store

  • Deck, Engine, Cabin & Galley Store

  • Stationary & office store

  • Marine, Offshore & Industrial equipment and spare parts

  • Ship repair & Technical Services

  • Transit Ship spares and Logistic Services

  • Rental Services

  • General Cleaning and Fumigation Services

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