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Marine Fuels and Lubricants

We offer a comprehensive range of fuels and lubricants for marine propulsion engines and other applications, under well-known international brands with OEM approvals, used by ship and ferry operators worldwide. We supply duty free and duty paid marine lubricants to the local and international vessels calling at various ports in India.


Marine Fuels:


  • 180 cSt

  • 380 cSt

  • HFHSD (High Flash High Speed Diesel) / Marine Gas Oils


Marine Lubricants:


  • Trunk piston engine oils

  • System oils

  • Cylinder oils

  • Gear oils

  • Greases

  • Other marine oils


DP Marine FTWZ is a Free Trade Warehousing zone, classified by Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, as a "deemed foreign territory". By storing your products in the FTWZ, you can enjoy a wide array of tax benefits and duty-free storage upto five years.


FTWZ Benefits:


  • Duty free storage: Free up your working capital by availing duty deferment when you store cargo in FTWZ.

  • Tax benefits: Customs, stamp duty and services exemption along with income tax benefits on profits for re-exporters.

  • Foreign exchange: Trade and transact in foreign currency.




  • Hassle-free customs clearance.

  • Transportation from and to the port.

  • Warehousing services

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